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Europa Innovation Lern-Tool

“Europify Philo Screen”: Interactive ‘Europe’ learning & teaching tool on tour through Austria’s schools.

Innovative tools for contemporary, appealing and smart European education and citizenship education – which really resonate with young people and strengthen their European awareness – are in great demand among committed teachers. So our “Europify-Philo-Screen” went on tour in Austria.

  • What connects us Europeans?
  • What is the foundation of the European Union?
  • What do the European basic values like ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’, ‘equality’ and ‘human dignity’ actually mean?
  • Where do I feel ‘Europe’ in the reality of my life?

This innovative and appealing learning and teaching tool encourages you to think about and reflect on these and similar questions together and thus takes “European education” to the next, contemporary methodological level. Inspired by the “Philosophy for Children” method (P4C), the focus is not on memorizing facts and figures, but on joint learning, holistic understanding and the development of an active “European Citizenship”.

The young citizens aged 11 to 18 like our smart “Europa-Philo-Screen” and develop more European awareness almost playfully.

Demo-Video “Euopify-Philo-Screen”.

Interested schools and educational institutions simply send an email with the subject “Europa-Philo-Screen” to