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“Democratic Engagement Multiplier. European Parliament21” (DEM.EP21): 18-month communication project commissioned by the European Parliament.

Innovative, future-oriented ‘European education’ and active ‘citizenship education’. – Europify’s creative and flexible range of workshops is in great demand among students and teachers throughout Austria.

“Democratic Engagement Multiplier EP21”, our 18-month, 2-part mediation project commissioned by the European Parliament (DG COM), is being implemented flexibly and successfully despite Covid-related limitations. Especially now, inclusive and participatory formats and workshops for the debate of the “Future of Europe” are more important than ever.

In the winter semester of 2021, our cooperating schools will continue with innovative and student-organized events with Members of the European Parliament.

The following 10 schools are actively involved in the “Democratic Engagement Multiplier EP21” project with 20 classes and around 500 young people (ages 15 to 19):

  • BHAK Weiz
  • BRG/ BORG Kurzwiese Eisenstadt
  • HTL Traun
  • BRG Kirchengasse Graz
  • BRG Weiz
  • GRG3 Hagenmüllergasse Wien
  • GRG7 Kandlgasse Wien
  • GRG9 Glasergasse Wien
  • GRG21 Ödenburgerstrasse Wien
  • HTL10 Favoriten Wien

In the spirit of empowerment for active ‘European Citizenship’, our young citizens came up with very creative proposals and ideas for the (actually their) “future of Europe” and also forwarded questions to our 19 Austrian Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in early June. (For a list of questions see:

We are all already very curious about the answers of our deputies.

To date, the following 4 MEPs have signed up:


Anyway, this exercise in ‘applied democracy’ is very enlightening for all involved.

Further (media) reports and results will follow with ongoing project implementation until early February 2022.

(The workshops, debates and activities are financed by funds from the European Union, DG COMM).