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“School of Tomorrow Future of Europe”: High-profile student action day at BRG Eisenstadt

As part of the European Parliament’s “Democratic Engagement Multiplier” project, Europify is now initiating and accompanying this 2nd part of its cooperation with the BRG Eisenstadt/ Kurzwiese.

After digital, interactive workshops on Europe and the organization of a “Europe School Day” – including the presentation of our “Europify Philo Screen” – in spring 21, the students of 7a were motivated and empowered to plan and organize their own Europe event. According to the motto “Europe needs more young active citizens”, who shape our/their future, Europify has put its trust in the younger generation and has given them the authority and responsibility to shape the future. Yes, and lo and behold, the result is really something to be proud of!

The highly motivated and enthusiastic students – under the direction of Prof. Steiner – have really put on a beautiful, professional and high-profile event on the topic of “School of Tomorrow – Future of Europe” in an exemplary joint effort.

A “best practice” example of active European citizenship and participation of young citizens.

Thank you 7a and Steiner for cooperating so enthusiastically with us, Europify, for our common “Future of Europe”!